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Two4Brew - The Ultimate Brewery Tour

Two4Brew's Brad and Tamara sold their home and are traveling the US on the ultimate brewery tour.  As they make their way through the San Diego beer scene, we get the chance to hear their story and ask them about where they have been and how far they will go.

Field Trip - Barrel and Stave

The ILB Team takes a field trip to meet with Chris Banker, a man of many hidden talents, including Director of Brewing at Barrel and Stave at the new Colab Public House in Vista, CA. 

Oktoberfest 2022 Preview - Burgeon and Eppig

It's the most wonderful time of the beer year.  Oktoberfest is upon us and the ILB Team meets up with MacKenzie Klein, Marketing Director from Burgeon Beer Company and Nate Stevens, Head Brewer from Eppig Brewing to talk about their big plans for the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

How Cool Was…Sylvester Stallone

With the summer heat still going strong, grab a beer and cool off with the ILB as they take another trip down the "How Cool Was..." memory lane with another Hollywood legend who's career has spanned six decades, including several different iconic movie franchises.

Field Trip - Viewpoint Brewing

The ILB Team drops back in on one of our favorite locations, the beautiful Viewpoint Brewing in Del Mar, CA., where the boys meet up with Head brewer Moe Katomski to see what's new, including several truly wonderful beers.

Are You Ready For Some Football? 2022

It's FINALLY Football season and the ILB is ready to share their bold predictions on the new season with literally some of the best named players in the game.  And what better way to kick off the new season with some great new San Diego area beers from Viewpoint Brewing and a collab beer from Eppig Brewing and San Diego Beer News' Brandon Hernandez.

Shark Week 2022

The Doctor takes us on our annual swim with the Sharks to meet some new scary creatures living within the vast waters of our Earth.  Good thing the rest of the ILB Team brought beer to share.

The Dog Days of Summer - 2022

As the peak of summer heat is upon us, the ILB Team returns to the studio after a few weeks of vacation to drop some "Educational Podcast" knowledge about the Dog Days of Summer.  And what better way to get through those Dog Days than with some delicious beers, this time courtesy of both Worthy and Great Notion in Oregon.

How Cool Was…(Part 2)

The ILB continues its walk down memory lane with part 2 of our newest segment, "How Cool Was...?", looking back at a one of a kind legend that influenced all walks of life, including Hollywood, Sports, and even philosophy.

How Cool Was…? (Part 1)

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be, but that doesn't stop the ILB Team from taking a stroll down memory lane. In our newest segment, we discuss "How Cool was...?" and recall a Hollywood legend in this first of a series. Saddle up with a beer and take a listen!

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