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Beer Swag Gifts and the new ILB Store

With the holiday season rapidly the ILB Team announces the new ILB Store on our website where you can get all kinds of cool ILB swag for you, your family and friends!!!  The Team carries the theme of giving through the episode by sharing their favorite beer swag gifts.

Field Trip - The Brewers Tap Room

The ILB team headed out on a field trip to meet Travis Hudson, Tap Manager at The Brewers Tap Room in Encinitas.  Travis completed his homework for the ILB Team Teachers, impressing us with his own Toast, Roast, Pours, his own "Dad" jokes, a toilet story for the Doctor, and was quick to point out that this episode should be nicknamed "The Rum Episode" in celebration of our 151 published episode.  And of course, he "tapped" into several great beers on "tap" to share with the team.  We think Travis and The Brewers Tap Room gets an "A".

Shark Week 2021

It's finally here.  ILB's Shark Week 2021.  Can the Three Stooges help save us from shark attacks?  Or will the Land Sharks need a bigger boat?  Find out as our resident Marine Biologist Doctor Tod plays Shark Myth Buster!

Studio Visit with Stave and Nail Brewing

Join Jeff and... Joe (that's right, Joe is a host on this one!) as they chat with Justin and Joe Stambaugh from Stave and Nail brewery. It's a long one, but worth it:) You'll be able to discuss Sours and Wilds with the best of them after this one!

The Jeffs Favorite Jeffs and Greek Beers from Greece–seriously!

Padre Joe was kind enough to "smuggle" some Santorini Brewing Company beers back from his recent vacation to Greece to share with the ILB Team. The Jeffs take the episode hostage sharing their Favorite Jeffs.  Who will fight back sharing their own favorites?  Grab a beer, listen and find out.

The Doctor is back!

After a summer MIA, The Doctor is back! Hear about his adventures as he gets caught up with Jeff & Jeff.

Field Trip - Blue Fire Brewing

The ILB Team take another Field Trip, this time to visit some former students Tommy and Charlie Gordon and their family at Blue Fire Brewing in San Marcos, CA.  These alumni have been doing their part to make the world a better place--making great beer.

Are You Ready For Some Football? - 2021

It's that time of year again when Sunday's are meant for Beer, Football, Friends, and cheering for your favorite team.  But then the Jeff's drop back and throw a "I Bet You Didn't Know--Football Edition" at you.  Enough said.

Field Trip - Double Peak Brewing

The boys are on the road again with a field trip where they meet with Owner Frank Harton and Head Brewer Devon Hall from Double Peak Brewing in San Marcos, CA, to hear their origin story and try several "fantastic" beers, including a Belgian that might just be to Talent's liking.

Field Trip - ITZA Brewing

Talent and Influencer go on a field trip to meet with Javier Garcia Itza and Anna-Kaisa Itza, the husband and wife team at the new ITZA Brewing in San Diego, to talk about starting a brewery during a pandemic and their unique plans to grow the business.  Oh, they also get to taste some great new beers.

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