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Fieldtrip - Driftwood and Vancouver Island

Enjoy our final two stops on our Canada tour!

Fieldtrip - Philips and Strange Fellows Brewing

More interviews with amazing Canadian breweries.

Fieldtrip - Faculty Brewing and Brassneck

Listen to a couple of amazing interviews with our Canadian friends from Faculty and Brassneck brewing.

O Canada, Part Deux

The ILB team continues our preparation for our PGW trip to Canada, including some travel tips from Talent to help us with the language barrier (LOL) and a Wild Thing from Doc about one of the great animal icons of Canada.

O Canada! Part One

Join the team as we chat about all things Canada in preparation for our PGW trip to Canada for Spring Break!

Studio Guest Clayton LeBlanc from Eppig Brewing

Returning guest Clayton LeBlanc from Eppig Brewing stopped by for his first visit to Studio A with a few beers and some stories.  Influencer wouldn't let him get away without putting the spotlight directly on Clayton with a Lightning Round of questions, and Doc challenged his beer name knowledge.  Listen in to see how well Clayton scored, and who might be his mirror image.

More Wild State Laws

Join the Jeffs and Joe as they explore wild state laws still on the books while drinking some amazing gift beers.

April Fool’s Day 2022

As the Fool's Day approaches, the ILB Team of Fools brings stories of pranksters and their foolishness front and center.  Hear how the military even gets in on the fun.  And find out which team member's family takes this special day of hijinks to another level.

Meet the San Diego Brewers Guild

Hear all about the cool San Diego Beer Brewing Community through the eyes, well voice, of Paige McWey Acers, the talented Executive Director of the San Diego Brewers Guild!

St. Patrick’s Day - 2022

The ILB Team welcomes back the Chico Kid just in time for St. Patrick's Day and all things Irish.  Influencer shares the limericks and legends, Talent shares historical Irish contributions to the world, and Padre begins his annual Lent without beer with the boys testing his resistance to temptation with Irish themed beers and a special treat beer.

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